Some Monopoly Game History

There are many board games which people play at home to entertain themselves, monopoly is one of most popular board games. Different versions of monopoly games are played in 26 different languages, in 80 countries. Though the game is officially attributed to Charles Darrow, the earliest version of the monopoly, called the Landlord's Game was patented in 1904 by an American lady, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Magie. The game was developed to explain the economic principle of renting, how renting was making the landlord rich, while the tenant was becoming poor. The game involved buying, selling land and developing the land.It was one of the first board games to use the concept of the continuous path, without having a clear defined start and end point on the board. Though Elizabeth Magie tried to sell the board game to the game publisher Parker brothers, the game was rejected since they claimed that it was too complicated and took a long time to play. However, Magie continued to develop and promote the game to incorporate new features, patenting it in 1924. Those who played the game continued to incorporate new features in the game. Often the street names and areas in the game were renamed , based on the area where the game was being played. In Atlantic city, the game was taught to Charles Darrow by his acquaintance. He liked the game, and started making sets of the game manually. Later a printed version of the game was available. He also renamed the game as Monopoly and got it copyrighted in 1933. Charles Darrow tried to sell the game to many bigger companies like Parker Brothers, however they rejected the design in 1934, citing technical errors. However, the game was popular, and had excellent sales during Christmas 1934. Due to this Parker brothers again became interested in purchasing the game, and contacted Charles Darrow, who claimed to be the sole inventor. Later Parker brothers learned that Magie had patented the game, and also purchase the patent from Magie and other copyrights, to get the sole legitimate rights of the game. In 1935 the game was extensively marketed by Parker brothers who modified the game to make it simpler to play. They had a standard and deluxe version of the game. Parker brothers continued to market the game, releasing different themed versions of the game, till they were acquired by General Mills in 1968. Parker brothers was combined with Kenner toys to form Kenner Parker Toys in 1985. Tonka acquired the Monopoly in 1987. In 1991, Kenner Parker Toys was acquired by Hasbro, who made some changes in the game. Since the earlier publishers of the game, they also released new editions of monopoly.

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